PERFECT VISION QPA2-200WB - Fit ka/ku slimline directv dishes. Adapter slides onto any existing pipe aT LEAST 2 1/4 niches or bigger IN DIAMETER. Adapter slides onto existing pipe tight bolts included. Just slide the lip over the edge of the existing pipe & wires, tighten the bolts up, and mount your DIRECTV SLIMLINE DISH! O. D. 2 inches, length: 8 inches.

Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel. This sale is for a new pipe adapter ka/ku slimline hd directv dish antenna 2" od 8" long black steel quick pipe adaptor for the new slimline ka/ku directv HD DISH ANTENNA.

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DIRECTV AU9-SL3-SWM Three LNB Ka/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL-3 LNB Combo

Directv LH-1J0A-7Z8Z - This kit is designed with an integrated single wire multiswitch SWM which allows you to have multiple satellites feeds at Once. National hdtv channels offered by DirecTV. The slimline encompasses three lnbs to receive 101°, plus the new Ka satellite 99°, 119° degree satellite, 110°, 103° for local HD MPEG4 programming.

. Swm technology dish Single Wire Solution. This directv lnb kit has 1 output for the new slimline swm dish from DIRECTV and all necessary components to convert your Slimline dish into a SWM Slimline dish single wire multiswitch. This lnb is lighter and better looking. Hd programming Channels. This is the swM SL3S Kit.

DIRECTV AU9-SL3-SWM Three LNB Ka/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL-3 LNB Combo - Receive 99°, 101°, 103° satellites. It converts your slimline non swm Dish to the New SWM Dish Technology from DIRECTV.

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