DISH Network Dish Pro Plus Twin LNBF DPP Twin LNB ES1670

DISH Network 4330163945 #ad - For satellite 110 and 119. This unit will work with a Dish 500 Built in dish pro adaptor which will allow this switch to be used with any DISH Network receiver including older legacy equipment. In addition when used with the dp separator purchased separately enables you to run 1 cable into the home and feed dual tuner DISH Pro Receivers 322, 922, 625, 722, 622, 921, 721*, 522, and 942 making installations a snap.

. Dish pro plus twin allows you to pick up to 2 satellite locations and distribute them to up to 2 Receivers, either single Tuner or Dual Tuner, Legacy or Dishpro.

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DUAL TWIN Y Yoke Bracket for Dish 500 perfect for: 110/119 or 91/82 FTA, dish network or bell express VU

eyesat YYokeBRAK-FBA #ad - Y yoke bracket for 119/110, or 82, 91. And direct tv's lnbs. Use for 119 and 110 receptions or bell express 82 and 91. Compatile with all dish 500, bell or dishnet. These dish 500 lnb bracket y yoke adapter will fit dual dp500, legacy, Twin LNB's, Dish Pro Dual LNB's, Quad LNB's. Easy attachment for your existing dish500

These were manufacture in that way to fit the square type lnbs. Screws are not included. This converts a standard dish with a single or dual LNB to two single or dual LNB's. Place 2 dss d shaped LNBs in the holder.

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